Past Life Therapy

Helping you to Help yourself

Past Life Therapy is used in the particular circumstances where treatment of recurrent problems such as a phobias, habits, or psychosomatic problems generally are required. Such problems may be the result of repressed memory of a traumatic event in previous life. A client would normally expect to attend between  2 to 4 sessions in order for the problem to be resolved.

One of the most widely known and common misconceptions is that when one is hypnotised, consciousness is lost.  Due to this misconception, persons who need and desire hypnosis fail to utilise its benefits. This misconception may impair confidence and makes it more difficult for the subject to obtain the necessary or desired results.

Some may argue that past lives reported are no more than the result of cryptomnesia; that is to say the client creates a past life fantasy by building upon knowledge  that he or she has already, but has forgotten.In view of the large amount of research that has been carried out, and the nature of the recalled data concerning previous lives, this no longer appears to be a complete answer. It may well be that another mechanism is at work other than reincarnation.Nevertheless, whatever the mechanism is, it does not affect the effectiveness of the therapy. “

Quote from A.J. Edwards ND MD(MA) Psychotherapy FRCP (MA) FBIH RMANM 

"Sometimes it is useful to know where we have journeyed from to understand where we are travelling to."

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Past Life Therapy and seek to support you in your discovery of some of the events in your past or perhaps past lives that may be impacting your present and future.  

Where appropriate, we can work together on life style changes you wish to implement so that you experience a sense of a more rewarding and fulfilling life; perhaps even helping towards the goal of your dreams. 

Our dreams and thought processes teach us so much about the life journey we have embarked upon, and with support, we can make changes, which though may appear small at the time, have a profound effect on our future. 

Past life therapy is one tool in the box to help you on your life journey.
At no time are you in a position where I or any other can make you do anything you are not conscious of or unwilling to do.
Most people who undergo past life therapy find it of great benefit in their lives and my hope is that you will too.

I am fully insured and a member of The National College of Holistic Medicine.
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L-S Tynan-Cashmore.
S.N.H.S Adv Dip.Herbalism.M.C.H.M.
S.N.H.S. Adv Dip.Past.Life.Therapy. M.C.H.M
S.N.H.S Adv Dip Nutrition  M.C.H.M
S.N.H.S Dip. Anatomy and Physiology. M.C.H.M
S.N.H.S Dip. Homeopathy. M.C.H.M
P.C.E.T /B.C.E.T .
Q.B.I (Buzan) 
Dip.S.P..D Hornsby 
Montessori Diploma International.

07977 948525 

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